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Shiba Inuko-san – 17

Lots of puns in this episode. I tried my best to make them make sense.

The main pun starts at 00:47, when the stuck-up girl says “neko kabutte iiko-chan no furi suru nante”, which translates to “Feigning ignorance and acting like a good girl…”, but the ironic thing about this line is that the feigning ignorance part literally means “wearing a cat on your head” in Japanese, which makes no sense at all. So in an attempt to combine “feigning ignorance” and the cat pun, I used “Acting like an innocent kitten”. (“innocent kitten” seems to be a meme or something as well, just Google it)

Another pun occurs at 00:57, when stuck-up girl says “Shiba Iiko-chan”. Iiko-chan translates to “good girl”, so I went with Good Girl Shiba (which reminds me of the Good Guy Greg meme >_>).

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