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Winter 2013 Batches & News


Strange+: 720p Hi10P480p H264
Changes: 01v2 (new encode & added karaoke)
Blu-Ray: All other corrections will be applied to the BD release. The BD will also include a bonus episode.

Ai Mai Mi: 720p Hi10P480p H264
Changes: none
Blu-Ray: Due out in roughly 2 months. All corrections will be applied to the BD release. Just wanted to batch TV so I could stop seeding individual files.

Other News

Momon-chan Season 2 (titled “Momon’s Sand Witch”) started streaming last month with an “Episode 0”. Of course, we’ll be picking it up, but I waited to see if they were going to have any sort of schedule. Episode 1 streamed yesterday, and they note that Episode 2 will stream on the 16th, so I guess it’s going to be every two weeks now.

It appears that Dibetagurashi has ended at Ep38 (Syoboi is reporting 39 episodes, but I’m pretty sure that their Ep32 posting is actually a reair of an earlier episode), so we’ll try to play catchup with that.

Spring 2014 Picks: Besides Momon-chan, I haven’t decided yet.
Summer 2014 Picks: Ai Mai Mi S2, Strange+ S2, Yami Shibai S2

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  1. the_paper
    April 15th, 2014 at 18:54 | #1

    I’m delighted that you’re so committed to doing quality releases that you’re doing a Strange+ BD release. I can’t wait! Thanks for bringing us the craziness every week until now.